Uzi Games is an independent studio based in Scotland consisting of one individual with a goal to build new & exciting virtual worlds to explore.

The first project by Uzi Games was Marlene Betwixt which was released on 25th October 2016 initially as a VR only title.

My current project is CyberDrifter. A fast paced retro style arcade shooter for VR featuring  free motion movement.

Cyberdrifter is available in Early Access from Steam and the Oculus store.



"If there has ever been a game that made me feel more like I was inside the cyber world of Tron than Cyberdrifter then I certainly don’t remember it."  VR The Gamers

“Solid start to an intriguing story.” UPLOADVR
“There are quite a number of VR psychological horror games out at the moment and Marlene is certainly one of the best.” The Reality Sandwich

"The narrative gets creepy and quite scary after a while, and it is one of the best narrative games on the list. This game is worth trying!"