Take on the role of Ewan as he investigates his estranged sisters remote cottage and surroundings to uncover the truth about his niece Marlene's disappearance.

Complete tasks and solve puzzles to progress this supernatural horror story in VR.


Marlene is a psychological horror game in which the player will have to solve tasks & puzzles to unravel the mystery surrounding Marlene and her disappearance. 

Enter an interactive horror story that immerses the player in it's supernatural setting and piece together what has been happening around the estranged family. 

Playable in VR as a standing/room scale experience for the HTC Vive & Oculus Touch or with standard joypad/mouse/keyboard control

Physics interactions
Puzzle solving
Psychological horror visual and audio elements

Song "Anxiety" by Kevin MacLeod


Available for purchase from steam, Oculus store, wearvr and the humble store

steam activation required