Cyberdrifter - Enter cyberspace in Virtual Reality!


Early Access release date: May 9th, 2017

Compatible VR headsets: HTC Vive - Oculus Rift - Windows Mixed Reality

Available on:  Steam, Oculus Home, Viveport, WEARVR, SpringboardVR

Developed by Scott Wilson, UziGames


Twitter: @UziGames2016


YouTube: UziGames Channel


When an intelligent AI program becomes self-aware and decides to go rogue it’s up to the elite squad known as the Cyberdrifters to infiltrate the system and take back control.

Step into the role of military-trained computer specialist Jack Torrents and prepare to do battle with an army of corrupted bots in this intense futuristic sci-fi shooter.

Key features:

Battle through 5 intense action packed levels and 4 boss battles! (current content)
Master using your gun, bullet deflecting shield and shield disruptor to combat the rogue A.I.
Run, shoot, strafe and dodge with the tilt functionality of your controller to move around in a method of free FPS-style control that’s comfortable for VR.
(Traditional thumb-stick movement also available).
Compete  across the globe for a place on the hi-score leaderboard.